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The image of this duck is taken one autumn afternoon in Lake Lure.

This is an image taken by Jim Hickey, generally available for sale at the online store. This is one of many photos the taking and selling of which make up the primary monetary subsistence of the artists involved, at a monetary value of $1. In order to download this, merely right click or control click on the image and choose the option “save image”. This screensaver is offered for free as a token of gratitude appreciation to Marshall Arts advocates, and the link can only be seen by those with access to it.

By downloading this photo, I agree to not distribute, recirculate, or otherwise disseminate digital copies, without permission, of this photograph/screensaver, or of the URL where it is found. If others express interest in acquiring this or other images by Jim Hickey or Marshall Arts, I agree to either send them to our online store or to contact Jim directly at

We appreciate you and happy holidays!


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